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Art being creative has always been a way for me to escape to calm down, I've suffered mental illness all my life anxiety depression agoraphobia, but without those things, i doubt I'd have my creativeness or imagination! I started out young my mum is a painter a hobbyist! she even says now I was happiest on my own messing around with paper doing my own thing on my own, well little has changed apart from I'm a grown woman now! I did art GCSE at school it was the only GCSE I left school with apart from English, I had to go in a room on my own to do those qualifications as I was getting bullied! later on in life I always made things for myself while working in an office, later on, i think something within me was telling me this life isn't right after a relationship breakdown I had a breakdown it makes you reevaluate everything, from many years being in a very dark place, I then decided to write my story which was published in a few magazines, I then started to think well I feel I can't work with others so why not start up my own business on the net, I started out with replica vintage which wasn't successful! I still have half my shop at home! to then going into handmade items which weren't successful yet again though I think it could be! my taste is odd to let's just say! your usual person might not understand what I make! as its a little on the deep, feeling, horror, avant-garde way with a dash of bright future glimpses! I then started painting again I had done watercolour classes, people always said your really good but no one wanted to buy, so now I'm trying again with more success some are taking interest my work is a little light/dark I like to just go with what I'm feeling without being swayed by the technicalities of painting!


Sami Hall, Artist, Uk

Art for all people, Self-taught Artist with a few classes thrown in, You won't see your snobby gallery here were pretty down to earth so you won't get any posh arty farty words, just genuine heartfelt art pieces that you hopefully can connect with and understand the story behind. Please Note depending on your screen's brightness colours my differ.

Here you will find Art pieces to buy of all different natures, A blog of ramblings, Videos and photos a plethora of Art and feelings, Welcome to my home.

I have done a mini art gallery which is a kind of portfolio of my work, but i am much more than that, i also like to sculpt, make jewellery try many creative mixes that's what art is all about to me

 "Everything nowadays you can upload from the internet you cannot upload real art" sami r hall




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